zioux sushi

Unleash your roar

As the sun sets in the west, a roar echoes from the east.

Its call is clear. Let the hunt begin.

Introducing ZIOUX Roaring Asian.

Discover the alluring scent of Asia.

Let it reignite your wild side and awaken the tiger within. Escape Western traditions and explore a timeless world where exotic flavours roam free.

Here, East feeds West and untamed spirits roar the night away, feasting on Asia’s finest cuisine and cocktails in luxurious opulence.

zioux sushi
zioux sushi

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zioux cocktail

Asian Inspired Cocktails

The fruits of the forest. The ferocity of the wild. Discover distinctive flavours, one sip at a time.

Yuzu Whisky Sour

Suntori Toki Whisky, Yuzu, Cola, Bitters

Wasabi Sake-tini

Sake, Wasabi, Elderflower, Cucumber

Coconut French 75

Kamiki Sakura Wood Whisky, Cherry Blossom, Orange Bitters, Ceder

Naked Lady

Inverroche Classic Gin, Elderflower, Yellow Chartreuse, Litchi

Peanut and Cola Old Fashion

Kamiki Sakura Wood Whisky, Roasted Peanuts, Cola Syrup

Zioux Award Winning Restaurant

2022: Hosco Annual Luxe Restaurant Awards – Style Award
2022: Hosco Annual Luxe Restaurant Awards – Rising Star: Moses Moloi
2022: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – Best Surface Interiors in Middle East and Africa
2022 : Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards – Two Stars
2022: Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards – Style Award
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