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Feed the tiger inside. Experience Asia’s finest in the unbridled opulence of Zioux.
Our obsession for pushing culinary limits has taken us as far East as the map will go. An exciting new world of Asian-inspired flavours awaits at Zioux. Introducing Roaring Asian.
zioux sushi

Sushi Sashimi

  • Bluefin tuna tataki, pickled jalapeno and ponzu - 5 pieces
  • Scottish Salmon tataki, sesame crust and a sesame wafu sauce - 5 pieces
  • Silent Valley wagyu beef mori awase - 5 pieces
  • Omakase sashimi with sengyo “fish available on the market” - 8 pieces
  • Omakase sushi with nigiri, maki mono and hako sushi - 10 pieces
  • Omakase nigiri with sengyo “fish available on the market” - 7 pieces
  • Vegetarian omakase with maki mono, hako sushi and nigiri - 10 pieces
  • Fresh crayfish poached in yuzu and coriander, crispy seaweed, lime mayonnaise, tobiko

Maki Mono

  • Soft shell crab roll, tempura and salad, tobiko, negi and furikake - 4 pieces
  • Norwegian salmon avocado Zioux-style with plum sauce and sesame - 6 pieces
  • Spicy yellowfin tuna with negi, avocado, coriander and chili - 6 pieces
  • Tamago “egg omlette” maki with shiitake, baby spinach and chives - 6 pieces
  • Avocado maki Zioux-style with crispy kale - 6 pieces
zioux maki

Popular Sushi

Roses 4pcs

  • Norwegian salmon
  • Yellowfin tuna

Nigiri 2pcs

  • Scottish salmon
  • Bluefin tuna
  • Prawn
  • Linefish

Maki 4pcs

  • Norwegian salmon
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Prawn
  • Vegetable

Fashion Sandwiches 4 pcs

  • Norwegian salmon
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Prawn
  • Vegetable

Sashimi 2 pcs

  • Scottish salmon
  • Norwegian salmon
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Bluefin tuna
  • Bluefin toro
  • Fresh linefish

California Rolls 4pcs

  • Norwegian salmon
  • Yellowfin tuna

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Little Snacks

  • Steamed edamame with maldon salt
  • Chargrilled edamame with garlic and chili relish
  • Shrimp and chicken sesame spring rolls with pickled jalapeno dip
  • 5 Spice and honey vegetable spring rolls with ponzu and sweet chilli
  • Japanese sandwich with chalmar sirloin ‘katsu sando’ and BBQ sauce
  • Korean chicken wings with gochujang and sesame slaw
  • Crisp hoisin calamari with lime

Zensai (Salads & Raw)

  • Crispy Korean tofu with the chef’s cucumber kimchi and grilled Chinese cabbage
  • Chirasi sushi salad with assorted fish and prawn, ‘popcorn’, kinshi egg, nori, shiitake and sushi rice
  • Salmon poke salad with brown and black rice, avocado, beets, baby spinach and edamame with a coriander dressing and teriyaki
  • 3 Fresh oysters with sweet Korean spice and black vinegar
  • Zioux tartare with fillet, umami salt, wasabi and rice wafer

Agemono "Tempura & Panfried"

  • Tempura prawn with ginger oroshi tentsuyu and crisp shiso leaf
  • Kushi-katsu “pork skewers” panko fried with Japanese BBQ sauce
  • Soft shell crab kara-age with tobiko served with lime and sesame mayonnaise
  • Tempura of skewered Asian mushrooms with nanami togarashi and yuzu ponzu sauce
  • Tempura of sake marinated chicken thigh with mirin, yuzu cream and Szechuan lemon pepper

Dim Sum

  • Soft bao with crispy duck, xo sauce, negi, lettuce
  • Gyoza “pan sticked” pork with a ginger soya saucee
  • Deep fried shumai with tuna, negi, egg and sweet coriander sauce
  • Vegetarian steamed bun with kimchi, mung bean sprouts and a ginger soya dip
  • Steamed prawn dumpling with ginger and sweet chili dipping sauce


  • Miso soup with line fish, prawn, black mussel and coriander
  • Vegan miso soup with fried tofu, negi and wakame “seaweed”
zioux tempura prawn

Main Dishes & Grills

  • Fillet of beef from josper, crisp spring onion pancakes, garlicky greens with a dashi butter jus
  • Miso marinated black cod, butter and sesame oil cauliflower, black vinegar and truffled mushrooms - (Seabass option available)
  • ‘Steak, egg and chips’ smoky wagyu sirloin, avocado and togarashi, spice and a soya and mirin omelette - (Chalmar sirloin option available)
  • Thinly sliced teriyaki lamb cutlets, edamame and mint salad, Zioux crisps
  • Crispy ramen soba noodle with a vegetable stir fry, ankake and beni-shoga
  • Silent valley wagyu ribeye 200g, szechuan pepper sauce and crisp shimeji flower
  • Crispy pork, XO sauce, crunchy Granny Smith apple and peanuts


  • Broccoli stems with sesame dressing
  • Steamed rice with furikake
  • Egg fried rice
  • Grilled aubergine with mirin and miso glaze
  • Cucumber salad, crunchy chili, black Japanese vinegar and roasted peanuts
  • Zioux crisps with wasabi mayonnaise
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